Adobe After Effects CS4 installation on Windows 2003, AthlonXP+ based PC

My AE CS4 setup package looks like this-

After Effects CS4 installation package

After launching executable file it asked for temp folder

After Effects CS4 installation begging for temp

System check launched

After Effects CS4 checking the system

And here goes the first annoyance - This product does not support PowerPC architecture CPU

It is really weird message for Windows OS user ; ))) Also I'm pretty sure that there is no PowerPC CPU in my box)

Yeah... right... I'm already running to the store to buy a new computer)

After Effects CS4 System Check Failed - This product does not support PowerPC architecture CPU

After clicking 'Quit' taskmgr showed some CPU usage, it was Windows Installer Service, doing something)

Let's put it out of its misery - End Process Tree

Windows Installer Service looking busy

The real installation package was unpacked to temp folder

There is setup.exe in /temp/Adobe CS4/After Effects/Adobe CS4/ folder which launches AdobeAfterEffects9All.msi, located in temp/Adobe CS4/After Effects/Adobe CS4/payloads/AdobeAfterEffects9All/ folder

Unpacked Installation Package

Since it is .msi package administrative install is possible))

msiexec /a AdobeAfterEffects9All.msi to install

msiexec /j AdobeAfterEffects9All.msi to advertise (after this AE showed up in Add or Remove Programs)

Adobe After Effects CS4 Administrative Install Adobe After Effects CS4 Administrative Install Progress

So, the Adobe's checking the system step was skipped.

After installation finished there was no Start Menu shortcuts created, and software was installed in its default location C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4

Adobe After Effects CS4 Folder

After launching AfterFX.exe After Effects window showed up and AE immediately started to install something, later turned out that it was Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content

Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content

As soon as Third party content was installed AE offered to quit in order to load this new stuff.

Quit AE, start again.. After Effects Debug Event window shows up saying that After Effects has encountered an error. [..\..\Src\Init.cpp-42]

After Effects has encountered an error. [..\..\Src\Init.cpp-42]

By comparing After Effects CS4 folder contents before and after 3rd party content installation I've found out that IPPMPEGDecoder.dll is responsible.

I don't know and don't want to know what is it (looks like the video filter).

Two solutions worked for me - either deleting IPPMPEGDecoder.dll or replacing it with the same dll, but from different Adobe product's folder, f.e. from /Adobe Media Encoder CS5/

And finally it launches))

Finally After Effects shows up


To run Adobe Photoshop CS5 on PC with 32-bit CPU you need to update it (not the CPU) to version 12.0.3