Application description

6xGPU_mod will modify AMD driver configuration stored in system registry to enable support for 6 and more GPUs.

Typically on system with a lot(5+) of GPUs only 4 or 5 will be available, remaining will show "Code 43" in Windows Device Manager.


How does it work

At startup 6xGPU_mod will load configuration, consisting of registry values to search for in system registry and values to set.

6xGPU_mod will search for those values and create a list of modifications if necessary and list with original values currently present in registry.

How to mod

Launch 6xGPU_mod as Administrator.

There are several options available

  1. Create registry file with modifications and apply it manually.
  2. Let 6xGPU_mod apply changes to registry automatically.

In both cases system must be rebooted for changes to take effect.

In case something goes wrong

By default 6xGPU_mod will create backup registry file in the current folder - launch it and reboot.

Known limitations

After installing new AMD video card on the system, AMD driver will be re-installed and will use default configuration, so 6xGPU_mod should be run again.

So recommended usage scenario - install all video cards on the system, confirm some showing "Code 43" in Device Manager, launch 6xGPU_mod, make mod, reboot, confirm all video cards are working.

Supported driver versions and operating systems

Any Windows and any AMD driver version should be supported in theory.

6xGPU_mod was tested on 6x290 rig running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 with 13.12, 14.4, 14.6 beta v1.0 May23, 14.7 RC1 July9 driver versions.

Security concerns

6xGPU_mod requires following permissions

  1. Read access to system registry for keys where modifications will be made.
  2. Write access to system registry for keys where modifications will be made to apply changes.
  3. Create file and write permissions in the current folder to create registry files.

6xGPU_mod does not support Windows UAC and should be run as Administrator.

Download page contains file information - size, md5, sha1 and sha-256 hashes.

Before launching 6xGPU_mod check if hashes and file size match to be sure that you downloaded original application.

Source code

6xGPU_mod is written in c#, feel free to decompile.

To read more

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Donations are welcome!

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